Denture Info

Whether you need a complete or partial set of dentures with a comfortable custom fit, Dr. Arnold and his team have the expertise to craft a premium-quality set of dentures to get your smile back on top of the world!  From first to final fitting, we’ll take care of everything from the convenience of our office right here in Milledgeville to help restore your smile and let you get on with your life.

Today’s dentures are made of more comfortable, durable materials and both the teeth and gums have such a natural appearance, people likely won’t even realize you’re wearing dentures. Our enhanced ability to create a denture that conforms closely to the contour of your mouth will help ensure a secure seal and enable you to eat all your favorite foods again.  If properly cared for, your dentures can last for years. Come in and take a look at some examples of the latest in denture technology. Then we can talk about the best options for you!