General Denistry Info

We know, we know; when given the option between going to the dentist or doing your taxes, most people would choose taxes, right?  Dr. Arnold’s primary goal is to make you smile again, and his team provides gentle, considerate service including that will set you at ease and take the stress out of your next dentistry exam.  Whether you need a routine cleaning, have a chipped tooth or loose filling, or you need to discuss more serious dental options, Dr. Arnold will give you the expert advice and care you need while working within your budget.  If you have sensitivity issues, we are happy to provide services to keep you comfortable and make you wonder why you waited so long!

Conveniently serving Baldwin County with easy access and ample parking, Dr. Arnold’s office is family-friendly and equipped with the latest technology and capabilities, including in-office CT scans, custom-made premium-quality dentures, same-day crowns and much more.  Call or connect with us today and let us help you dial that smile back up to “eleven”!