Scottsboro is a small unincorporated community located on the southern outskirts of the town of Milledgeville, GA. It falls under the jurisdiction of Baldwin County. An early settler named General John Scott started this community in the early 19th century. The residents of Scottsboro enjoy a rural yet bustling atmosphere all year round.

Meriwether is a lakeside community located about 8 miles northwest of the city of Milledgeville. It is also an unincorporated community in Baldwin County, Georgia. This rural neighborhood is most known for the Westbrook-Hubert Farm, a historic place listed in the U.S. National Register. People in Meriwether live a vibrant life in a relaxing and outdoorsy environment.

Surrounded by beautiful lakes, Dennis is a small holiday destination near Milledgeville, Georgia. This town has a number of inns and resorts for tourists. People can go boat riding and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the lake. People from all over the country come to Dennis for Hunting and Fishing activities.

Haddock is a little unincorporated community in Jones County, GA. To be exact, It is located in the middle of the city of Milledgeville and Gray. It was named after the Haddock Family, owners of a large plantation in the area. Once used to be an incorporated town with schools, a train station, and factories, it is now a residential area for the job holders of Macon and Milledgeville city.

Devereux is a small neighborhood located 16 miles northeast of Milledgeville, GA. It has the status of an unincorporated community under Hancock County. It was named after the first owner of this area, Samuel Devereaux. It is mostly a rural community but people have easier access to the cities of Milledgeville and Sparta.

Named after the ancient city-state in Greece, Sparta is the county seat of Hancock County, Georgia. The city dates back to 1795 but was incorporated as a town in 1805 and as a city in 1893. Currently, it is part of the Milledgeville Micropolitan Statistical Area and has a population of around 1,400.

The town of Deepstep is located in Washington County, Georgia. The name came from Deepstep Creek, which is in the western part of the city. In the year 2000, Deepstep only had 132 residents. The Deepstep road connects the city with Milledgeville to the west and Sandersville to the East.